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Time for dinner.

It has been a good Christmas, calm, cosy, spent it with the family and isnt that all you really need? Just to spend some time with the people you love. I hope that all of you had a great holiday and got to spend it with the people you wanted. Im going to go eat some food and later on cuddle up with some hot chocolate and play some Forsaken World, or maybe WoW. Well anyway I will be back later on or tomorrow so Merry Christmas!

All I want for christmas...


Happy Holidays!

Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!
Hope you all have a great one and that you have more snow then me lol!

The nightmare before christmas

I just woke up, had the worst nightmare I've had in a long time. Strange that I usually don't have that many nightmares in a year but I guess it was time for one. Can't really remember the whole dream other then that it was someone who was chasing me and I couldnt run so I had to hide and try to crawl out of the house. I hate those dreams where you run from stuff, so creepy. So now I got to sleep for about 5 hours this night. But that's okay I'm one of those that can't for the life of me go back to sleep after having a nightmare. And if I do I just start dreaming the same thing again.

I can't belive that tomorrow is christmas, so wierd. And we got rain today RAIN on christmas. Well that's just wonderfull. Any who I'm gonna go eat some breakfast now and then I will get me a cup of coffee so I can wake up. You take care now.

You're to young to be that sad and to pretty to be judged...



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Little more grown up...


Baby it's cold outside.

  • Jacket: Lindex
  • Ridingpants: ? Some random boutiqe in town
  • Over the knee boots: Vintage
This years most random outfit! Lol! But that's what you get when you have to stand an HOUR in line to get fish for christmas -.- People better love that fish or I will be mad! It was soo cold so so so cold and people are crazy. One lady bought herring for 700 SEK, if you don't know what herring is it's a tiny fish that we eat pickled.

"In the Nordic countries and Germany, once the pickling process is finished and depending on wich of the dozens of classic herring flavourings (mustard, onion, garlic, lingonberries etc.) are selected, it is eaten with dark rye bread, crisp bread, sour cream or potatoes. This dish is commin at Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, where it is eaten with Akvavit."

Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation

Smooth Effect Foundation from Max Factor gives you a smooth and even finish, or that what Max Factor claims that it should do. But does it work? Well the smooth effect foundation have a unique smooth tone formula that enhances and smooths the skin's texture and helps to highlight the color of you make-up (like lip colors, eye shadows and blush).

The foundation has five shades.
You can get the foundation for 109 SEK (in Sweden) but if you are from Sweden check with Kicks they have had it for 89 SEK for a while now maybe that still goes on.

S-rew it!

Just had the day from hell at work. I will be back when Im not dead anymore.

Before the dawn

Good morning! Guess who has a loooong day at work today? Yep me.
It's alright tho cause I only work 3 days this week (I hope!) So Christmas here we go! I have to run to work now will update later when I get home. Have an awesome day everyone! Baii!

Too cute to chip!

Check out these cute cute little panda nails from Cutepolish on youtube.

Björn Axén Cool Silver

I have always been blonde before but gone darker the last couple of years just cause I was bored, now it's time for me to get back to the platinum blonde color in my hair. And I have a BIG tip for you guys who's working the light blonde colors and who don't like the yellow brassy tones in your hair. The tip is Björn Axén Cool Silver serie, I have never had a purple shampoo that has worked this good. So how does it work?

In the Cool Silver series there is a Shampoo, conditioner and a Leave-in spray. Some of the good things about the shampoo is that it is sulfate free, operates anti-static (lord knows I need that) and has the most purple pigments of the products in the series. The Conditioner acts as a detangler and is a very good complement to the shampoo. The Leave-in spray is a very unique addition to the market and it can be used in all hair. It can also be used as a sort or treatment to outgrowth and undercoat.




All of the products are scented with apricot and they have a UV protection. I have to say that I do love the scent it's not to strong but it still smells nice. The shampoo do have a really strong purple pigment to it so if you do have really light hair you might want to be abit carefull the first couple of times that you use it since it can add a purple tint to your hair. This however can be washed out, it only takes abit of work to get it out if you are really unlucky.

One of the downfalls with the shampoo though is that it doesnt lather (atleast not in my hair). This makes it abit hard to know if you have rinsed all the shampoo out of the hair. I have a really sensitive scalp so I have to be sure that I've got all of it out. But with this in mind I still really like the products and I do recommend them if you want to get rid of the brassy or yellow tones in your hair.


You can buy the products in Björn Axéns weshop or if you are in Sweden you can get them in Kicks or Åhléns.


Schampo: 150kr (Sweden)
Balsam: 150kr (Sweden)
Leave-in spray: 160kr (Sweden)



Oppa! Oppa!

This had me lol:ing for a good hour. High five to Donghae and Eunhyuk for making this one! xD Omo so funny! I just love that they can give a show and really let loose. How can someone not love these boys? Such cute little dorks! x3


On a side note I am getting my hair cut today and I have no idea how I want it so its time to do some research last minute so I can see what I really want to have. Some of the length of it is gonna go only cause its just not healthy in the tips of the hair. Im gonna get my hair drastically bleached next week so I have to make sure that the hair that will be bleached is as healthy as it can get. Otherwise I might have to buy a wig lol! Anywho Im gonna go and drink some hot coco and try to find a haircut that I like now. Take care of yourselfs and have fun this Sunday!

Noting like a good (book) magazine

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And Im off!

Tshirt: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Cardigan/jacket: Ehm yeah some local boutiqe
Leggings: Vila
When you can't find something you like, get something you don't hate! True story that x3 Im so lazy tonight I would want to go in my PJ's but nope can't do that now can I? Well I could but yeah don't want to look like a homeless sleepy person. Anyway Im gonna go and do what I have to do now and then get back home to fall into bed and watch some Death Note. ♥L Lol! Anyway I better run see if I can get them to listen to some K-pop while Im there xD Oh they are gonna looove me! Baaii!

When bored.. eh I dont know.

Wanted to do something else but didnt have the energy or patient to do it today. Classic ftw! Now I just have to figure out what the heck Im gonna wear tonight. Eh a garbage bag? That would be simple enough lol. Im really bad at picking out cloths in the winter I have figured out. I just wants to wear warm and cosy stuff, since its freaking cold here. Anyone who wants to move somewhere warm with me? Lol! Anyway I have to get some food before I starve (not that it would happen) and then.. cloths.. Baii! ♥

Time for some reading..

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We can make beautiful memories...

This is some of the moments of my summer of 2011 in Sweden. This was the summer of sea, water, sun, conserts and citylife. And I loved every moment of it! I want to thank my sister and friends for an awesome summer and an awesome year! Let's make the next one even better! I really need some coffee now or I will fall asleep by the desk lol! So I will go and make me some coffee and then I'll be back later :) Enjoy the video!

Let's SHINE(e)

Just what I needed this morning to get happy and get my energy back! Who can watch that and not get happy?

ZzZz.... I...will...not...oh stupid alarm clock that's on the other side of the room! Sometimes it's like i know myself. Okey Okey I'm up, happy now alarm?
Let's check twitter! :D

어쩌다 마주친 - LED Apple

I just have to give you this one... It's stuck in my head and I can't get it out! Aaah! Lol! But it's really good so I don't mind that much. We will see in a week what I say if it's not over then x3 I really like the video too it's something different and just clean over it. Tumbs up!

Time to start again

Next week we will start the battle to get my light blonde hair back again. Oh lord... If I end up with pink hair Im just gonna rock it! lol! I used to have really light almost platinum hair before but got tired of it so colored it darker.. Now I regret it big time! Thank god for bleach right? Anyway I think I will try to get my hair cut before I do it. Maybe I will not chicken out when it comes to the bang but Im not sure right now. Told my sister about it today and she thinks I should do it so maybe. Funny thing that I can color my hair in any color possible but when it comes to cutting it Im a big baby lol! Feels wierd that Its only friday when Ive been home for 2 days. But thats what you get for getting hurt I guess. Im just so bored of sitting not being able to work out or anything its crazy!
Am I rambling or what right now? Lol I need to learn when to shut up!

Anyway Im gonna go and play some games with a friend now so I have to run. (well not run since I cant even walk right now) Atleast I got a pink bandage lol!

I better get going before my friend nerd rage lol!

My new obsession...

I am totally obsessed with Death Note! If you havent seen it, check it out! It is so awesome. Im gonna take my veg. pizza and watch it in bed now. Btw people have asked me what my ideal guy is.. I would say like L in Death Note. Wierd I know x3

Who said Pj's was the best when you're not feeling good?

Cardigan: Jenny Skavlan (MJ collection)
Tshirt: Thinkpositive
Pants: Kappahl
Ring: (No Im not married) Vintage from my grandma
Scarf: H&M

Im one of those wierd people who feel better if I look "good". So now with a broken foot (not really broken just doesnt want to stop hurting and stop being swollen) and not with the head in the game I can't run around in PJ's all day long. Then I will only feel worse. Atleast thats what I think I will do lol! Today will be a stay-at-home-snuggle-with-a-pillow-eating-pizza-like-a-fatso-watching-death-note-relaxing day :D Yay! Had to stay home from work today and yesterday wich sucked but I can't really walk or do anything so I had to agree with me not being at work today too. Now Im off to bake me a nice veg. pizza talk to you later!

A good start...

Pic: ActionAid

Today was the big day for the kids at work it was Lucia and they got to sing infront of the parents. We teachers got a nice christmaspresent, they had made it possible for a kid in India to go to school for a whole year. But not only that they did it for 3 kids this year. And I got to say I love it! Just the idea that someone gets a chans for a good start in life makes me all warm inside. It doesnt take much but just that can make such a difference in someones life.

That's life for you...


Shooting star...

I just did some simple pretty clean nails for tomorrow, we celebrate Lucia here in Sweden tomorrow so I have to be at work stupid early to sing with the kids and their parents. Then I have a whole day of work and then sign-class in the evening. Such a fun fun fun fun.....not so fun day! Anyway Im going to watch some Death Note and then get some beauty sleep lol! So I will leave you with a good song! Night Night!

It's on!

Pic: <3

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I have made up my mind.. Im getting back my bangs! I miss it so much! And by the way Hi! Im alive...and stuffies.. yeaah! Lol!

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