I have been so sick...

Pic: <3
Well I am back! I have been so sick this week it's redic. I had to leave work early on monday cause I had a high fever and felt like poo. Then I lost my voice... Do you know how fun it is to be a teacher without a voice? I have no idea that the kids actually listen to me this much before lol. Well anyway my blog break is over now since I am starting to feel alittle better.
Oh and fall has really started here now, I looked out this morning and on my windowsill was our little redrobin bird. It such a precious little thing sitting there just looking around. I don't know why but I have such a love for Red robins, they look like little bird dolls with their big round eyes and red belly. Well turns out that I might be going shopping today so YAY! I really need a new nailpolish.. and fall boots I have not found my fall boots yet and I am so suprised (not at all). Last year I found my boots in january.. Anywho my brother just called and said that he was going to one of the biggest malls we have here and wondered if me and my mom wanted to come along to do some damage. Who can say no to that? Really? Who? lol! We will see.. Well I better get going since I am not dressed, havent had my morning coffee, do have bedhair and need to paint my nails. Oh...being a girl... LOL! Well take care and I will be back later on today with more blahblahblah.

Silly me, I had pictures...


Oversized Lacecardigan: Repeat
Black Jeggings: Cubus
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Kappahl
Nailvanish: Kicks, Oxygen Forest
Belt: Vintage
Tshirt: H&M
Watch: O.N.E

You can't make a rainbow without a little rain...

Rainy days at work isnt the best but what can you do? I've just landed at home to eat some food before going to the meeting tonight. Pretty lame but Yeah... Since I had to change cloths at work the outfit of the day will have to wait until after the meeting.

Im late! Im late!

Pic: <3
Work starts early today, not really feeling that. But what can you do right? I have a meeting tonight aswell so I wont be home until 8 tonight. Oh the joy! Well well don't really have time to be sitting here writing right now, should get going so I will go. I hope you will have a great day! Outfit of the day will turn up later today (between my work and the meeting).

I don't know why but I want it now.

Pic: <3

I looked out the window into the rain and started to think about fur (not real) coats, sjals, knittedhats, gloves, heavy boots, woolcoats and cosy fires. This year I have been all about fall and winter before summers even over. We do get alot of snow and winter coldness here in Sweden so usually I am not that happy for winter, but this year I am all about it! Eeep! Squeeel! I can't wait! Well that is until I actually slip on the snow and fall on my bum lol!

There are some angels without wings out there.

Pic: <3

Some days there is just people that you would do anything just to keep them in your life forever. Today I know mine... I don't know I just wanted to say that I love you so very very very much and I am so happy and greatful to be apart of your world. And I want to say thank you to the lovely lady I met in town yesterday who really saved my day! Thank you so much! The world needs more people like you out there. Well that was about it for now I am really not in a good mood today, just tired and moopy lol. So I'm gonna go grab a coffee and be back later.

Whould have, Should have, Could have but no...

Photos: Vogue UK

Maybe I should have kept the orange tints in my hair when I did my blonde highlights last time? Could have rocked the orange like the models did at Peter Som S/S 2012. But then again maybe not! It looked awesome in the show but this is not a trend that I will be jumping on this year (or any other year either). But kudos to Peter Som for being different and odd (in a good way) with this highlighted hair stuff.

For every bad, I did a ton of good..

Not too badly done today I must say lol! I went to some classic Swedish stores like Lindex, H&M, Kicks (make up) and surprisingly Kappahl. I am so happy that the fall cloths and make up is starting to come into the stores now. I can't wait to wear it (Like I don't wear it already with all my black cloths...)

  • Shirt: Lindex
  • Necklace: Kappahl
  • Pants: Kappahl
  • (Not included in the pictures) Nailvanish Kicks,
    Oxygen Forest Midnight Pearl

Todays (2) outfit(s)

First outift:
Chinos: H&M
Black Jacket: Vintage from 1960's
Belt: Gift
Watch: O.N.E
Ring: Lindex
Nailvanish Isadora 610 Bare Fudge
Black shirt: H&M
Hair: Don't even go there....

Well knowing me I WOULD be the one to sit in eyeliner with light pants so... I had to change. Sigh...

Outfit number 2 (sigh)
Black Jacket: Vintage from 1960's
Belt: Gift
Watch: O.N.E
Nailvanish Isadora 610 Bare Fudge
Black shirt: H&M
Black skinny jeans: Lindex
Clutch: UNIQUE
Scarf: - ?

A little break....

Oh boy I did not feel good yesterday. Had to leave work and go home to sleep after 3 hours. So the rest of the day I was in bed knocked out (NOT up) with a fever and sickness. That was....fun... Today I feel alot better, still alittle feverish but not like yesterday.

I went into what I call Pre-town today, it's not really the central city but it's like the place that is outside the central city if you get my point. Anyway it's a big shopping place that is close to Gothenburg central city. I got some feverish shopping done and that felt well good I think lol. I will do the outfit of the day in the next post and then what I bought. I didnt do that much damage today since I didnt feel that good I just wanted to go home after a bit.
It was so sweet my older brother came to pick me up so I didnt have to take the buss home and he had bought me a Hello Kitty soda as a pick me up gift. Lol! And I was so chocked it was actually pretty nice, very sweet but nice. And the can is sooo cute lol I would prob. have bought it just for the fact that the can is so cute.

By the way I realised today that I am into fall in my head. Everything I was looking at today had fall colors. I had no idea, I knew that I wanted fall to come since I love fall cloths but not THAT much lol! This fall I will be rocking alot of khaki green, brown, nude and ofc black. Aaaah! I can't wait!


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Zombie 2.0

Oh my! Today was a veeery busy day at work, havent been this tired since... I can't even remember! Well anyway I did get in some shopping on my way home from work atleast so yay for that! Today was such a fall:ish day, rainy, gray and windy it can't be anything else then fall. So the cloths today matched it pretty well, gray, warm and cosy. Tomorrow is meeting day so I have to dress up abit (snoring). And I wont be off work until 7 at night, I so look forward to that. Well I am lucky cause my coworkers are awesome, such a bunch of power ladies! So it will not be THAT bad I guess, just booring to be at work from 7-7 and then get up and go to work early on friday. So yeah.. YAY!
Over to the shopping lol I got some stuff that I really need today and some that I didnt knew I needed lol! I will insert pictures in this blogpost so that you can see for yourself.

Dress: Vila
Leggings: Vila
Cardigan: H&M
Watch: Gift
Bracelets: Graduation and 18'th birthday gifts
Scarf: - ?
Hair: Messy! lol!

Todays Shopping:
  • Perfect Concealer - Isadora
  • EYESTUDIO Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H (01 Intensive Black) - Maybelline New York
  • Fall shoes - local boutique


I do love fall in my town. For you that have no idea about where I am located, I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fall here are so amazing, all the colors, the air, the people it's just so pretty. And I love fall fashion more then summer fashion. Don't really know why, I guess it's cause I was borned here in Sweden and we don't have such a long summer. So it's mostly cold here, I guess you adapt to where you are grown up. And the whole layer thing with the fasion is something that I've always liked. Layers is a thing that you have to have here in the winter so that's just perfect. So now I can't wait for fall to really come to Sweden.

Fall 2011 Fho sho(e)!

Shoes from: Alejandro Ingelmo, Philip Lim and Alexander Wang. Photos: Style.com

Something that hangs in there when it comes to fall fashion are ankle booties or ankelboots if you want to be that booring. I am a huge fan of these type of shoes. They are very easy to pair up with almost anything, pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, everything. This year there is loads of ankle booties to choose from in the stores. So what is a good ankle bootie? Well there are things to keep in mind. First off wich boot speaks to you. Might sound wierd and dorky but if you really like a shoe you will wear it more often. There for you will get more money for your bucks. Second thing is if it's comfortable, many people will suffer for fashion but if you want to get a pair of shoes that is really worth it's price then it's important that it won't hurt to use them. So walk around in the shoe in the store before you buy it. Thirdly get something that will last, ankleboots have been a trend for along time now and it is very likely that it will stay for many seasons to come. If you get a pair that you really love then it will hurt when they break. So maybe its better to get something that you know that you will have for a while. Lastly there are loads of new designs out there this year but something that always will work is something classic. My favorit is a black ankleboot with a clean design. Works for more dressed up occasions and for everyday use. So to sum it up go for something that is comfy, classical and that you love!

Things to think of when buying ankleboots:
  • Classic designs stay in fashion for longer and it's easier to pair up with outfits for more then one occasion.
  • Comfortable shoes get used more! Meaning more money for your bucks.
  • Get something that will last for more then 2 weeks. May cost alittle more but will pay off in the end.
  • Get something that you ♥LOVE ♥ if you really love it you will make sure to use it alot.

Im off to work...

Im off to work now, do not really feel like working today. Kinda feels like I'm getting sick(er) but I have to. I have the late shift too so I'm gonna be there for a while today. sigh.... Oh well well.. Nothing like a good rainy day with loads of grumpy kids. Lol! For you that don't know I am a teacher as my full time job. I'm gonna see if I'm going to take a little trip by some stores on my way home. I have some things that I really really want to check out, thats in stores right now. That is if I survive work first lol! Gosh I really don't feel like working today. I usually love my job it's really awesome! And I get to meat alot of really amazing people everyday, who can't love that? I guess its the fact that I've worked late for a while now that's getting to me. I hope that I can get shorter days soon. Well well I can't sit here anymore time to jump on the bike and get to work. See you all later! Hope you will have a really nice day!

Black skinny chinos: Some tiny store in town
Striped baggy dresshirt: H&M
Black Jacket: Vintage from 1960's
Belt: Gift
Watch: O.N.E

I Die! I Die! I Die!

Okey I'm not dead but literally I am dying for Moschino 2012! Holy...something! It is so geeky and cute and pretty and fantasticallyamazingallyawesome (YES that's how sold I am, I had to make up a new word for it!). I mean just look at these pictures and try not to love it!

Photos from: Vouge

LANVIN Fall Winter 2011-2012

Some what akward dancing but I have to say I love it! So cute, stylish and wierd at the same time, can't do anything else then just dig it! Way to go Lanvin! And I do like the look of the cloths, more or less anyway. There was a curtain dress (looks like something my grandma had in her windows when I was a kid) that I would'nt want to be caught dead in but other then that I loved it!

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