One summer night.

My new love

Hi! Meet my new love.. HTC One V :)
Yay I'm so happy! I wasn't sure what kind of phone I wanted to start with but after some ehm.. well let's say a little talk with staff in the stores I decided that I wanted the HTC One V. They had just got it in and I loved it! Well I'm off to play with it and watch some Let's play with my friend. I hope you have a great day and a good night if I don't update later. Enjoy!

Good day to you sir!

Am I the only one who can get really pissed and I do mean really pissed when people act like they know freaking everything but hey they're not going to tell you. Hey here's a little tip for you, if you work in a store and you are supposed to help me out. THEN DO IT! I can't stand when you walk into a store, ask for help and they look at you like "Whyyyy do you ask me? You're so annoying." If you don't like people asking you questions, get a different job! There simple as that. It would be like me rolling my eyes every time I see a kid walk into our place. It just doesn't make sense! There I've said it! Good Gawd! Alright well with that out of my system I can finally get on with my day lol. Today I have a really important purchase to make so I'll be stealing my mother with me for advice haha. Well now I have to go and be grumpy at my breakfast instead of here. I hope you all have a great day and that people actually do the job they are supposed to do in the stores. Get a grip people! Lol!

Hello May


My day in pictures

Just a quick one...

One of the quick little videos I did for my portfolio a while ago.
This one is very personal to me for many reasons that I won't go in to.

Summer memories...

I have posted this one before but I got stuck watching it this morning, I love the summer here :) The pictures in this video is taken where I live in Sweden for those of you that wonder. Well I'm off to fix my hair and then grab a coffee so I wake up. Hope you have a great day!


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Scary nights...

I'm having a really scary night tonight... Well I have myself to blame really. Me and a friend of mine are watching Let's plays of really scary games. Right now we are watching MangaMinx playing SAW. Have to say she is really awesome, her level of panic when something happens is just above anything. And it makes me crack up everytime. If you want to watch her Let's play of SAW click HERE. I'm so freaking scared right now lol. Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do, have to call the dentist, the eye girl (yeah that's what I call her because I can't remember her name. I'm nice!) and my job. So tonight I just relax and enjoy myself. I hope you all have a good night and have time to relax.

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