Baby it's cold outside.

  • Jacket: Lindex
  • Ridingpants: ? Some random boutiqe in town
  • Over the knee boots: Vintage
This years most random outfit! Lol! But that's what you get when you have to stand an HOUR in line to get fish for christmas -.- People better love that fish or I will be mad! It was soo cold so so so cold and people are crazy. One lady bought herring for 700 SEK, if you don't know what herring is it's a tiny fish that we eat pickled.

"In the Nordic countries and Germany, once the pickling process is finished and depending on wich of the dozens of classic herring flavourings (mustard, onion, garlic, lingonberries etc.) are selected, it is eaten with dark rye bread, crisp bread, sour cream or potatoes. This dish is commin at Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, where it is eaten with Akvavit."


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