Oppa! Oppa!

This had me lol:ing for a good hour. High five to Donghae and Eunhyuk for making this one! xD Omo so funny! I just love that they can give a show and really let loose. How can someone not love these boys? Such cute little dorks! x3


On a side note I am getting my hair cut today and I have no idea how I want it so its time to do some research last minute so I can see what I really want to have. Some of the length of it is gonna go only cause its just not healthy in the tips of the hair. Im gonna get my hair drastically bleached next week so I have to make sure that the hair that will be bleached is as healthy as it can get. Otherwise I might have to buy a wig lol! Anywho Im gonna go and drink some hot coco and try to find a haircut that I like now. Take care of yourselfs and have fun this Sunday!


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