Time to start again

Next week we will start the battle to get my light blonde hair back again. Oh lord... If I end up with pink hair Im just gonna rock it! lol! I used to have really light almost platinum hair before but got tired of it so colored it darker.. Now I regret it big time! Thank god for bleach right? Anyway I think I will try to get my hair cut before I do it. Maybe I will not chicken out when it comes to the bang but Im not sure right now. Told my sister about it today and she thinks I should do it so maybe. Funny thing that I can color my hair in any color possible but when it comes to cutting it Im a big baby lol! Feels wierd that Its only friday when Ive been home for 2 days. But thats what you get for getting hurt I guess. Im just so bored of sitting not being able to work out or anything its crazy!
Am I rambling or what right now? Lol I need to learn when to shut up!

Anyway Im gonna go and play some games with a friend now so I have to run. (well not run since I cant even walk right now) Atleast I got a pink bandage lol!

I better get going before my friend nerd rage lol!


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