Who said Pj's was the best when you're not feeling good?

Cardigan: Jenny Skavlan (MJ collection)
Tshirt: Thinkpositive
Pants: Kappahl
Ring: (No Im not married) Vintage from my grandma
Scarf: H&M

Im one of those wierd people who feel better if I look "good". So now with a broken foot (not really broken just doesnt want to stop hurting and stop being swollen) and not with the head in the game I can't run around in PJ's all day long. Then I will only feel worse. Atleast thats what I think I will do lol! Today will be a stay-at-home-snuggle-with-a-pillow-eating-pizza-like-a-fatso-watching-death-note-relaxing day :D Yay! Had to stay home from work today and yesterday wich sucked but I can't really walk or do anything so I had to agree with me not being at work today too. Now Im off to bake me a nice veg. pizza talk to you later!


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