Rainy days blues

Oh... Im so very sleepy today, don't know why though. I   woke up to rainy, gray, gloomy and foggy weather. Maybe just maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows?

Today I have alot of stuff to fix for this week, I work really wierd hours this week but I don't mind. It ended up so that I get 2 whole early days this week. And the only day we have a meeting then I get off work late so I don't have to go home and go back to work. Hello convenient!

I'm gonna see if it's today I'm going to meet up with a girl/lady/whatever that wants to get one of my old books from school. I don't really need them anymore and I am never (EVER) going back to that education (I have graduated) so I might aswell give them a new home with someone that will actually need them. But hopefully it's not gonna be today cause I really feel like staying in my PJ's all day long just watching shows. It would suck if I have to get dressed and go all the way into the city to give her the book today. Well Well we will see.

I had such a lovely day yesterday with my sister, we went shopping, had a coffee, talked alot and just spent time togheter. I have really missed her lately. You know that is the way stuff gets when both of you are very busy during the week. Then you need to take some time together now and then and just hang out.

Anyway Im going to finish my breakfast now and then go get a coffee. Maybe watch some shows in bed and just chillax. I will be back later Take care!

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sv: den är underbar!:D

2011-10-02 @ 16:08:20
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