A little break....

Oh boy I did not feel good yesterday. Had to leave work and go home to sleep after 3 hours. So the rest of the day I was in bed knocked out (NOT up) with a fever and sickness. That was....fun... Today I feel alot better, still alittle feverish but not like yesterday.

I went into what I call Pre-town today, it's not really the central city but it's like the place that is outside the central city if you get my point. Anyway it's a big shopping place that is close to Gothenburg central city. I got some feverish shopping done and that felt well good I think lol. I will do the outfit of the day in the next post and then what I bought. I didnt do that much damage today since I didnt feel that good I just wanted to go home after a bit.
It was so sweet my older brother came to pick me up so I didnt have to take the buss home and he had bought me a Hello Kitty soda as a pick me up gift. Lol! And I was so chocked it was actually pretty nice, very sweet but nice. And the can is sooo cute lol I would prob. have bought it just for the fact that the can is so cute.

By the way I realised today that I am into fall in my head. Everything I was looking at today had fall colors. I had no idea, I knew that I wanted fall to come since I love fall cloths but not THAT much lol! This fall I will be rocking alot of khaki green, brown, nude and ofc black. Aaaah! I can't wait!


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