I have been so sick...

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Well I am back! I have been so sick this week it's redic. I had to leave work early on monday cause I had a high fever and felt like poo. Then I lost my voice... Do you know how fun it is to be a teacher without a voice? I have no idea that the kids actually listen to me this much before lol. Well anyway my blog break is over now since I am starting to feel alittle better.
Oh and fall has really started here now, I looked out this morning and on my windowsill was our little redrobin bird. It such a precious little thing sitting there just looking around. I don't know why but I have such a love for Red robins, they look like little bird dolls with their big round eyes and red belly. Well turns out that I might be going shopping today so YAY! I really need a new nailpolish.. and fall boots I have not found my fall boots yet and I am so suprised (not at all). Last year I found my boots in january.. Anywho my brother just called and said that he was going to one of the biggest malls we have here and wondered if me and my mom wanted to come along to do some damage. Who can say no to that? Really? Who? lol! We will see.. Well I better get going since I am not dressed, havent had my morning coffee, do have bedhair and need to paint my nails. Oh...being a girl... LOL! Well take care and I will be back later on today with more blahblahblah.


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