Im off to work...

Im off to work now, do not really feel like working today. Kinda feels like I'm getting sick(er) but I have to. I have the late shift too so I'm gonna be there for a while today. sigh.... Oh well well.. Nothing like a good rainy day with loads of grumpy kids. Lol! For you that don't know I am a teacher as my full time job. I'm gonna see if I'm going to take a little trip by some stores on my way home. I have some things that I really really want to check out, thats in stores right now. That is if I survive work first lol! Gosh I really don't feel like working today. I usually love my job it's really awesome! And I get to meat alot of really amazing people everyday, who can't love that? I guess its the fact that I've worked late for a while now that's getting to me. I hope that I can get shorter days soon. Well well I can't sit here anymore time to jump on the bike and get to work. See you all later! Hope you will have a really nice day!

Black skinny chinos: Some tiny store in town
Striped baggy dresshirt: H&M
Black Jacket: Vintage from 1960's
Belt: Gift
Watch: O.N.E


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