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Oh my! Today was a veeery busy day at work, havent been this tired since... I can't even remember! Well anyway I did get in some shopping on my way home from work atleast so yay for that! Today was such a fall:ish day, rainy, gray and windy it can't be anything else then fall. So the cloths today matched it pretty well, gray, warm and cosy. Tomorrow is meeting day so I have to dress up abit (snoring). And I wont be off work until 7 at night, I so look forward to that. Well I am lucky cause my coworkers are awesome, such a bunch of power ladies! So it will not be THAT bad I guess, just booring to be at work from 7-7 and then get up and go to work early on friday. So yeah.. YAY!
Over to the shopping lol I got some stuff that I really need today and some that I didnt knew I needed lol! I will insert pictures in this blogpost so that you can see for yourself.

Dress: Vila
Leggings: Vila
Cardigan: H&M
Watch: Gift
Bracelets: Graduation and 18'th birthday gifts
Scarf: - ?
Hair: Messy! lol!

Todays Shopping:
  • Perfect Concealer - Isadora
  • EYESTUDIO Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H (01 Intensive Black) - Maybelline New York
  • Fall shoes - local boutique


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