Hey there sexy!

Don't you just love it when you feel like crap and something just happens to land in your mailbox? Well I do! So you can only imagine how happy I got when I came home from the doctor and found this little badboy in there. Now this IS bought with my own money so don't worry. Or do worry if you work for my bank hur hur ehm.. yeah. I have heard soo many good things about this facial mask that it's crazy. So finally I said to myself, "You need to try this, for sience! And small panda cubs." And hey who can say no to pandas? Not me. So I went online and ordered it right away. (Well like two weeks after but it's the thought that counts.) I haven't tried it out yet, since I just got it in but I will give it a go very soon and then I can tell you guys if it does work or not. Fingers crossed that it will because this thing costs it's bucks. 

  “The World's most Scientifically Advanced SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment. 
Clinically Developed by GLAMGLOW® Dermatological Chemist to help fight 
all common skin concerns. NEW ACNECIDIC-6™4.4% the first 6-Acid AHA & BHA
Blend for mind-blowing faster results. NEW Pore-Matrix™ with Activated-X Charcoal
& New K17-Clay™ for deep pore vacuum extraction, encapsulation &seemingly poreless skin.
Bio-Life-Cell-Science™ uses the complex natural occurring skincare benefits of green
life for Advanced results. NEW TEAOXI®Patent Pending release technology with real
Eucalyptus Leaf in our formula for Magical Glowing Skin. SUPERMUD™
for the New Crazy Gorgeous You. Welcome to GLAM-LAND™ & the World of GLAMGLOW®.”

Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation

Smooth Effect Foundation from Max Factor gives you a smooth and even finish, or that what Max Factor claims that it should do. But does it work? Well the smooth effect foundation have a unique smooth tone formula that enhances and smooths the skin's texture and helps to highlight the color of you make-up (like lip colors, eye shadows and blush).

The foundation has five shades.
You can get the foundation for 109 SEK (in Sweden) but if you are from Sweden check with Kicks they have had it for 89 SEK for a while now maybe that still goes on.

Too cute to chip!

Check out these cute cute little panda nails from Cutepolish on youtube.

Björn Axén Cool Silver

I have always been blonde before but gone darker the last couple of years just cause I was bored, now it's time for me to get back to the platinum blonde color in my hair. And I have a BIG tip for you guys who's working the light blonde colors and who don't like the yellow brassy tones in your hair. The tip is Björn Axén Cool Silver serie, I have never had a purple shampoo that has worked this good. So how does it work?

In the Cool Silver series there is a Shampoo, conditioner and a Leave-in spray. Some of the good things about the shampoo is that it is sulfate free, operates anti-static (lord knows I need that) and has the most purple pigments of the products in the series. The Conditioner acts as a detangler and is a very good complement to the shampoo. The Leave-in spray is a very unique addition to the market and it can be used in all hair. It can also be used as a sort or treatment to outgrowth and undercoat.




All of the products are scented with apricot and they have a UV protection. I have to say that I do love the scent it's not to strong but it still smells nice. The shampoo do have a really strong purple pigment to it so if you do have really light hair you might want to be abit carefull the first couple of times that you use it since it can add a purple tint to your hair. This however can be washed out, it only takes abit of work to get it out if you are really unlucky.

One of the downfalls with the shampoo though is that it doesnt lather (atleast not in my hair). This makes it abit hard to know if you have rinsed all the shampoo out of the hair. I have a really sensitive scalp so I have to be sure that I've got all of it out. But with this in mind I still really like the products and I do recommend them if you want to get rid of the brassy or yellow tones in your hair.


You can buy the products in Björn Axéns weshop or if you are in Sweden you can get them in Kicks or Åhléns.


Schampo: 150kr (Sweden)
Balsam: 150kr (Sweden)
Leave-in spray: 160kr (Sweden)



When bored.. eh I dont know.

Wanted to do something else but didnt have the energy or patient to do it today. Classic ftw! Now I just have to figure out what the heck Im gonna wear tonight. Eh a garbage bag? That would be simple enough lol. Im really bad at picking out cloths in the winter I have figured out. I just wants to wear warm and cosy stuff, since its freaking cold here. Anyone who wants to move somewhere warm with me? Lol! Anyway I have to get some food before I starve (not that it would happen) and then.. cloths.. Baii! ♥

Halloween 2011 Inspiration

I am stuck at work all day but I still wanted to give you a little tip. Halloween is coming up and Promise Phan is someone that has such good tutorials on her youtube page. So if you are looking for a look this year but don't know what to do, check her out!

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