ESPRIT Spring Collection 2013

I don't know why or what it is that makes me love this commercial so much. I just think it's lovely. Maybe it's the fact that it's pretty simple but at the same time it really shows the setting for their spring collection for this year? i mean you can really get a hang of the feeling that they are going for with a very simple format in the video. And one thing it surely does, it makes me want to have spring even more now. I can't wait until we can store away the big puffy winter jackets and just stroll down the streets in light fabrics again. That is one thing that sucks with living in Sweden. The winter is super long here, but then when the summer comes it's amazing.
Any who I just have to say good job ESPRIT, this commercial is so cute and lovely! 


Source: NastyGal

Inspiration #1


Me and my leopard out for a walk...

Knits and Leopard.

  • Scarf: H&M
  • Jeansdress: EastWest
  • Stockings: Divided
  • Earings: H&M
  • Knittedvest: H&M
  • Bracelets: Gifts
  • Watch: Regal
  • Kneehigh socks: H&M
  • Nailpolish: Kicks Cannes Carpet

Sheer fabrics and leopard.

  • Scarf: H&M
  • Sheer tunicdress: VILA
  • Beige underdress: VILA
  • Stockings: Divided
  • Earings: Gift
  • Knittedvest: H&M
  • Bracelets: Gifts

Hi my name is Anna and Im a shoeoholic. Hi Anna!

I did go into the city even if I didn't want to lol! Well well what can you do about that now. Anyway I did some shopping while I was there. I was just gonna get a nailpolish but ended up with kneehighsocks, shoes and some makeup too. When I got there it was really warm but then it started to cool down abit now in the afternoon, fall? I hope so! If you live in Sweden and want some nice fall shoes then you should check out Skopunkten right now. They had alot of cute shoes in the store today, usually I'm not that impressed with their shoes but they have stepped it up for this fall/winter. Good job! And I can't wait to wear the shoes this fall with stockings, cute dresses, lots of layers and scarfs.

Im in a moving picture...

  • Scarf: H&M
  • Black Jacket: Vintage from 1960's
  • Ring: Lindex
  • Black oversized T-shirt: H&M
  • Stockings: Divided
  • Nailpolish: O.P.I (don't know the name of it)
  • Necklace: Vintage from 1940's
  • Black tight dress: MQ

Silly me, I had pictures...


Oversized Lacecardigan: Repeat
Black Jeggings: Cubus
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Kappahl
Nailvanish: Kicks, Oxygen Forest
Belt: Vintage
Tshirt: H&M
Watch: O.N.E

I don't know why but I want it now.

Pic: <3

I looked out the window into the rain and started to think about fur (not real) coats, sjals, knittedhats, gloves, heavy boots, woolcoats and cosy fires. This year I have been all about fall and winter before summers even over. We do get alot of snow and winter coldness here in Sweden so usually I am not that happy for winter, but this year I am all about it! Eeep! Squeeel! I can't wait! Well that is until I actually slip on the snow and fall on my bum lol!

Whould have, Should have, Could have but no...

Photos: Vogue UK

Maybe I should have kept the orange tints in my hair when I did my blonde highlights last time? Could have rocked the orange like the models did at Peter Som S/S 2012. But then again maybe not! It looked awesome in the show but this is not a trend that I will be jumping on this year (or any other year either). But kudos to Peter Som for being different and odd (in a good way) with this highlighted hair stuff.

For every bad, I did a ton of good..

Not too badly done today I must say lol! I went to some classic Swedish stores like Lindex, H&M, Kicks (make up) and surprisingly Kappahl. I am so happy that the fall cloths and make up is starting to come into the stores now. I can't wait to wear it (Like I don't wear it already with all my black cloths...)

  • Shirt: Lindex
  • Necklace: Kappahl
  • Pants: Kappahl
  • (Not included in the pictures) Nailvanish Kicks,
    Oxygen Forest Midnight Pearl

I Die! I Die! I Die!

Okey I'm not dead but literally I am dying for Moschino 2012! Holy...something! It is so geeky and cute and pretty and fantasticallyamazingallyawesome (YES that's how sold I am, I had to make up a new word for it!). I mean just look at these pictures and try not to love it!

Photos from: Vouge

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