The nightmare before christmas

I just woke up, had the worst nightmare I've had in a long time. Strange that I usually don't have that many nightmares in a year but I guess it was time for one. Can't really remember the whole dream other then that it was someone who was chasing me and I couldnt run so I had to hide and try to crawl out of the house. I hate those dreams where you run from stuff, so creepy. So now I got to sleep for about 5 hours this night. But that's okay I'm one of those that can't for the life of me go back to sleep after having a nightmare. And if I do I just start dreaming the same thing again.

I can't belive that tomorrow is christmas, so wierd. And we got rain today RAIN on christmas. Well that's just wonderfull. Any who I'm gonna go eat some breakfast now and then I will get me a cup of coffee so I can wake up. You take care now.


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