Fall 2011 Fho sho(e)!

Shoes from: Alejandro Ingelmo, Philip Lim and Alexander Wang. Photos: Style.com

Something that hangs in there when it comes to fall fashion are ankle booties or ankelboots if you want to be that booring. I am a huge fan of these type of shoes. They are very easy to pair up with almost anything, pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, everything. This year there is loads of ankle booties to choose from in the stores. So what is a good ankle bootie? Well there are things to keep in mind. First off wich boot speaks to you. Might sound wierd and dorky but if you really like a shoe you will wear it more often. There for you will get more money for your bucks. Second thing is if it's comfortable, many people will suffer for fashion but if you want to get a pair of shoes that is really worth it's price then it's important that it won't hurt to use them. So walk around in the shoe in the store before you buy it. Thirdly get something that will last, ankleboots have been a trend for along time now and it is very likely that it will stay for many seasons to come. If you get a pair that you really love then it will hurt when they break. So maybe its better to get something that you know that you will have for a while. Lastly there are loads of new designs out there this year but something that always will work is something classic. My favorit is a black ankleboot with a clean design. Works for more dressed up occasions and for everyday use. So to sum it up go for something that is comfy, classical and that you love!

Things to think of when buying ankleboots:
  • Classic designs stay in fashion for longer and it's easier to pair up with outfits for more then one occasion.
  • Comfortable shoes get used more! Meaning more money for your bucks.
  • Get something that will last for more then 2 weeks. May cost alittle more but will pay off in the end.
  • Get something that you ♥LOVE ♥ if you really love it you will make sure to use it alot.


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