Today an old friend to the family passed away; too soon and too sudden. I know that a lot of people that knew him got affected by it and are now having a hard time coping with the fact that a truly amazing person has left this place. I know all to well that when someone near you pass away there is little to nothing that can make you feel better about it, even for a minute. But I am one of those people who always have to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I do think that the people that we cherish in this life will have somewhere to be after it's all done.
The person who passed away was only a few years older than me and it's truly insane to think about that with only an accident it can all be over. That's why we have to make sure that we live every single day to the fullest. If there is something that you're not happy with in your life, fix it, change it and do what ever you have to do in order to be happy. Because when things like this happens you realize that every single breath is important and shouldn't be taken for granted. 

To the person who passed away; I just want to say that you were an amazing, caring, loving and awesome person. You brought light into others life like no other and we will miss you forever. I hope that where ever you are now, that you are happy and that there is a meaning to all of this. 
To your family and friends I want to say that you need to be strong, I know that he wouldn't want you to sulk or be unhappy because of what happened to him. He will always live on in all of our hearts and we will never forget him. 
And the next time you're out driving please if not for your own safety then for the safety of others make sure that you don't have any alcohol in your system! Please, it may sound cheesy but it can really save a life. Today a young person who lived his life to the fullest, who was always happy and caring; passed on because one person placed themselves behind the wheel after a night out. This will not only leave scars amongst the people that knew the victim but also with the person who drove the car. What started out as a calm Sunday drive ended up in the killing of an innocent person. So next time think before you get in the car if you have been drinking. 


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