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Am I the only one who can get really pissed and I do mean really pissed when people act like they know freaking everything but hey they're not going to tell you. Hey here's a little tip for you, if you work in a store and you are supposed to help me out. THEN DO IT! I can't stand when you walk into a store, ask for help and they look at you like "Whyyyy do you ask me? You're so annoying." If you don't like people asking you questions, get a different job! There simple as that. It would be like me rolling my eyes every time I see a kid walk into our place. It just doesn't make sense! There I've said it! Good Gawd! Alright well with that out of my system I can finally get on with my day lol. Today I have a really important purchase to make so I'll be stealing my mother with me for advice haha. Well now I have to go and be grumpy at my breakfast instead of here. I hope you all have a great day and that people actually do the job they are supposed to do in the stores. Get a grip people! Lol!


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