Do you guys ever get a craving of some sort? 
I know I do! Right now I have this crazy random craving for fruits, if I don't eat at least one fruit a day my brain just goes "AHHH!". This works so so at work I have to tell you. But I'm happy that our cafeteria offers fruits for the kids so that I can go puppy dog eyes and get some too. I don't know why I'm suddenly so in love with the fruits, when I was a kid I used to hate anything that's healthy for you. But now I think I have realized that I need it so badly and now it's the best thing ever. So more fruit for the people! 
Did you know? 
  • Fruits are very low in calories, fat and are a good source of simple sugars, fiber and vitamin. That are essential for optimizing your health. 
  • Fruits contain anti-oxidants such as poly-phenolic flavonoids, vitamin-C and anthocyanins. These firstly help the human body to protect from oxidant stress, diseases and cancers. Secondly they help the body to develop capacity to fight against these ailments by boosting our immunity level. 
  • Fruits provide a lot of soluble dietary fiber, this helps to ward of cholesterol and fats from the body and can get rid of constipation as well. 
  • Fruits contain rich levels of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants, that help the body with preventing or at least prolonging the natural changes of aging by protecting the rejuvenating cells, tissues and organs. 
  • Fruit consists largely of water, just like the human body. 
  • Fruits stimulates the memory. 
So next time you are shopping for food don't forget the fruits in that basket! Not only are they very good tasting, they are also very good for your body and health. And it's not bad that something that yummy is also very good right? 


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