Eight truths

1. I can't for the life of me remember anyones birthday. This also goes for the family, my mom has to remind me every year when my brothers birthday is. 
2. When I was younger I was so ashamed over the fact that I'm only half swedish. Even today it's not something that I go around telling people. 
3. If I have a pen in my hand I can't help but to tap it on the table, doesn't matter where I am or what the situation is like. 
4. Forever scares the living crap out of me. It just feels so far away that it's hard to believe in it. 
5. I have to change cloths the minute I walk in through the doors at home. 
6. I have always had very weak nails, that has led to my addiction for having fake nails. 
7.  I have forgotten how my real haircolor look like.

8. The thing that scares me the most in the world is to loose my friends. But at the same time I always try to deny that it scares me, that in itself should probably make me even more scared. 


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